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Shingle Roof Maintenance Checklist for Your Las Vegas Home

The roof is arguably the most critical part of your house. Besides protecting you from harsh weather, it provides vital structural support for electrical wiring, insulation, lighting, and interior decor. A meticulous shingle roof maintenance routine improves durability, ensuring you receive value for money during its lifespan.


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Reasons Insulation is Important In Your Las Vegas Home

Although winter and spring in Nevada are bearable, summers are notoriously hot. Home insulation in Las Vegas guarantees your family much-needed comfort. While most people think it only provides warmth during winter, it also keeps your house cool when needed.


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5 Expert Tips for Vetting Roofing Companies in Las Vegas

Whether you want to repair your leaking roof or replace an old one, numerous Las Vegas roofing companies can get the job done. However, it is important to choose a professional roofing contractor as it can make all the difference in the health and lifespan of your roof.

To help you work with the right roofing partner in Las Vegas, here are a few tips to help you vet the many available options and settle on the best.


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Which Home Insulation Should You Choose in Las Vegas?

Quality home insulation is essential to keep your Las Vegas home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without running your HVAC system constantly or spending astronomical amounts on your utility bills. For the Las Vegas area, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends R-49 to R-60 insulation for attic insulation, R-19 for the floors, and R-15 to R-20 for exterior walls using a combination of in-wall and exterior insulation.


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5 Attic Maintenance Tips For Your Las Vegas Home

Although the attic in your Las Vegas home is often the ideal place to store seasonal or rarely used belongings, it also plays a significant role in your comfort, and it helps to keep your home protected from the elements. To help your attic do its job effectively, it needs to be cleaned and maintained every year or so. Here are a few attic maintenance tips that can help:


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Combat Rising Energy Costs With Solar in Las Vegas

As costs for everything from food to energy climb, it is important to take steps to stretch your budget as far as possible. With so much sun nearly every day in the Las Vegas area, installing a solar system is an easy way to cut your energy costs, help the environment, and add value to your home. Plus, with federal tax incentives, net metering, and other programs, adding solar in Las Vegas makes more economic sense than ever.


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6 Home Insulation Facts That You Need to Know

According to the Department of Energy, 50-70% of an average home’s total energy bill goes toward heating and cooling. Therefore, proper home insulation can minimize your energy bills by about 20%. Here are six fascinating home insulation facts.

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Roofing Terminology: Speaking the Lingo with a Roofer

When needing a roof repair or replacement, it's helpful to understand roofing terminology so you can better communicate with a roofer when it comes time to hire one. 

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The Benefits of Air Sealing for Your Las Vegas Home

Many older homes in Las Vegas have an abundance of small air leaks that allow conditioned air to escape and outside air to find a way in. In the winter, this can cause drafts, condensation problems, and high heating costs, and in the summer, you can lose your cool air to the outside while drawing in pollen, dust, and contaminants from the outdoors. Proper air sealing helps to improve your comfort and air quality while minimizing your utility costs.

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How Roof Stains Can Impact the Integrity of Your Roof

Any roof stains or discoloration on your Las Vegas home should be cause for concern. While some stains may be harmless, others can be the result of organisms like moss and lichen growing on your roof, which can weaken or destroy the shingles. This can lead to leaks and costly repairs. If you notice any stains or abnormal coloration on your roof, it is best to call a professional roofing company for a complete roof inspection.

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