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What is Roof Flashing and How Does It Work?

While roofing materials like shingles provide the bulk of protection against the elements, roof flashing is designed to protect the most sensitive areas, such as in the valleys or around chimneys. Flashing that is damaged or incorrectly installed can direct large amounts of water into poorly protected areas of the structure, rather than safely down the roof and into the gutters.

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6 Reasons Why Roofing Shingles Are So Popular in Las Vegas

Choosing the best material for a roof in the Las Vegas area can be a challenge, but asphalt roofing shingles are always a popular option. Roofing shingles offer many benefits for homeowners and contractors alike, as they remain one of the most commonly installed roof surfaces in the region. Here are just a few of the reasons that roofing shingles are so popular in Las Vegas:

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5 Benefits of Blown-In Vs. Roll Insulation

Properly insulating your attic can be a great way to cut down on cooling costs during a Las Vegas summer, and it can also make your home warmer and more comfortable in the winter. If you are considering an upgrade to the attic insulation in your Las Vegas home, here are a few simple reasons to choose fiberglass blown-in insulation instead of roll insulation:

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5 Fall Shingle Roof Maintenance Tips

As cooler weather starts hitting the Las Vegas area, it is important to prepare your roof for the fall and winter. The high heat and heavy rains of the monsoon season can take quite a toll, so now is the time to inspect your roof, repair any damage, and get it ready for the upcoming colder seasons. Here are five fall shingle roof maintenance tips that can help you get started:

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Top 5 Benefits of Installing Blown-in Fiberglass Insulation In Your Home

Blown-in fiberglass insulation is a great product for open areas like attics, where it can fill the floors, eaves, and other spaces with a thick blanket of insulation that helps to keep your home more comfortable year-round. Bringing your attic insulation up to the recommended value of R-49 to R-60 for the Las Vegas area can have many benefits for your home and your family. Here are just a few:

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6 Las Vegas Roof Maintenance Items to Check Off Your List This Summer

The Las Vegas heat and sun can be brutal on your roof, especially combined with the heavy rain and high winds that can come during the monsoon season. To make sure your roof is protected and can withstand the worst weather summer has to offer, take a bit of time to tackle these important summer roof maintenance tasks:

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5 Signs You Need Professional Drywall Repair in Las Vegas

With its low costs, easy installation, and the great finished surface it provides, drywall is the most popular material for finishing interior walls, but does have downsides. It is easy to crack or punch through the surface entirely, and its porous nature can make it vulnerable to water damage and mold growth. Here are a few signs that you may need a professional for drywall repair in Las Vegas:

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How Attic Insulation Helps Keep Your Home Cooler During the Summer

When homeowners think about attic insulation, they often consider its indispensable role in keeping a home warm and cozy during the winter. But attic insulation is just as important for keeping your Las Vegas home cool in the summer, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. Here’s how it works:

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3 Reasons to Prepare Your Roof for the Las Vegas Monsoon Season

As hard as the intense sun and heat are on your Las Vegas roof, the effects of monsoon season can be even worse. Between the high winds, heavy rains, and wind-blown dust, any weak spots in your roof can be exposed, leading to leaks, water damage, mold growth, and more. To minimize the damage to your roof, proper preparation is essential. Here are a few reasons to consider scheduling a roof inspection now, before the Las Vegas monsoon season is in full swing:

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How to Find the Best Roofing Company for Your Home in Las Vegas

When you have a damaged or leaking roof, it is important to find a qualified roofing company to complete roof repairs. An improperly repaired roof could lead to water damage, ruined drywall, insulation, flooring, and more, or even structural damage due to rotten wood framing. Here are a few tips that can help your find the best roofing company for your Las Vegas home:

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