Are You Ready To Save 20% Off Your Energy Bills?

First Quality Roofing & Insulation is here to help, and you don't even need a coupon!

Did you know that more than 50% of energy used for winter heating leaves homes through places like poorly-insulated attics? This is an expensive statistic for homeowners who don't know why their energy bills are sky-high when temperatures fall!

Bear in mind, when Las Vegas temperatures hit summer highs, proper attic insulation will help prevent your air conditioner from working overtime.

How Will Attic Insulation Save You Money on Your Energy Bills?

Attic insulation traps small pockets of air that are coming into, or going out of, your home, doing double-duty in the cold winter months.

First -- Cold air creeps into your home as the temperatures drop. Attic insulation acts as a protective barrier, stopping this nasty cold air from seeping further into your comfortable living space. With the chilly breeze kept at bay above your head, you won't need to reach for the thermostat to counteract incoming cold.

Second -- Warm air rises, but as it get to the top, it comfortably nestles itself in the pockets of your insulation, trapping the heat inside your home and preventing it from escaping.

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Energy Bills by 20%?

Attics are big spaces just waiting to eat away at your home's energy efficiency while boosting your monthly bills.

If you're ready to save 20% on your energy bills starting with this winter season, provide your contact information in the form to the right, and a member of our First Quality Roofing & Insulation team will be in touch with you shortly!