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Address and Prevent Mold in Your Home with These Home Maintenance Tips

Follow This Home Maintenance Guide to Keep Mold from Growing in Your Home

Mold grows in many places in the home, including on carpets, wooden structures, stone walls, drywall, leaking pipes, and above the ceiling tiles. Here are the most important home maintenance tips to follow to prevent and remove mold from the house:

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Water Damaged Ceiling Warrants Immediate Repair Call


Water can be one of Mother Nature’s most destructive forces, and when it comes into contact with the drywall that makes up your ceiling (or interior walls), it can cause enough damage to make the ceiling collapse, causing you huge headaches. That’s why it’s so important to call in the Las Vegas experts in ceiling drywall repair as soon as you know notice a leak so they can repair your water damaged ceiling as well as your roof leak.

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