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5 Storage Ideas to Consider

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Jun 16, 2015 11:16:00 AM


Are you looking for ways to create storage space at home and seem to have run out of ideas? There are many do-it-yourself storage projects that you may want to consider:

  1. Make your stairs into drawers

 Create stair drawers using the riser as the drawer face to store away seasonal items, shoes or linens. If you’re not a fan of pull out drawers, consider adding a hinge to the tread, making it a lift-up lid.

      2. Ball pen in garage

Sports balls can be pesky, especially if you have a running collection of many varieties. Where do you put them all to keep them easily accessible, without them falling out and bouncing around the garage and rolling under vehicles? A solution is to create a ball pen using bungee cords and a few pieces of 2x4s.

      3. Hang wrapping paper above closet door

 You probably don’t wrap gifts every day. Keep the wrapping paper stored away conveniently by suspending it on a wire above your closet door. This way, it is neither creased nor torn and can reach it easily when you need it, but also out of the way and typically unnoticed.

      4. Create shelves on stair wall

 There is a triangular shaped wall under stairs that is hardly used, which is often large enough to fit a small storage cabinet or shelves to store books or games.

       5. Create shelves in between studs in walls

Did you know that there lots of space between the two sheets of dry wall in your home?  It is possible to cut out the outer wall and create a recessed space in which to place a shelf. The shelf can be used to store small items such as spices and small items in the kitchen, or photos and decorations in a hallway.

Have you done any of these storage ideas in your home? We’d love to know how they turned out! Share your stories or pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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