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Advantages of Foam Insulation over Traditional Fiberglass Insulation

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Feb 2, 2016 11:30:00 AM


Whether you're building a new Las Vegas house, renovating an existing property, or just think you could use new insulation, a crucial choice is the type of insulation used.  Insulation lasts for years or decades, and can bring big benefits to a property, depending on its type and how well it's applied. 

While traditional fiberglass or cellulose-based insulation has been popular for decades, it's really not the best option these days.  Las Vegas house foam insulation may cost a bit more to install, but it provides significant benefits that can last for the lifetime of the property.

Four Reasons Why House Foam Insulation Is A Better Option

1 - Spray foam provides a real air barrier.

Traditional insulation is air-permeable, and simply attempts to trap heat within the fiberglass or cellulose it's made from.  This is quite inefficient and leads to significantly higher energy bills in comparison to spray foam.  

Spray foam is air-tight.  The cool air in your Las Vegas house stays in, and the hot air stays out.  It's that simple.

2 - Spray foam fills every needed space.

Anyone who's ever tried to install traditional insulation knows that while it's easy to apply to floors, trying to get it into nooks and crannies is nearly impossible.  Spray foam expands once it's applied, ensuring it can conform to any shape or space, bringing total insulation coverage and more cost-savings.

3 - Spray foam doesn't soak up water.

Some spray foams are water-tight, while others allow water to pass through.  Either of these options is better than fiberglass\cellulose insulation, which can act as a sponge.  Traditional insulation often traps water, becoming a breeding ground for molds and fungi which create health risks. 

4 - Spray foam helps to keep pests out.  

Traditional insulation is great for ant or termite nests, and some cellulose insulators are even good food for insects.  Spray foam is inert, inedible, and resists burrowing.  Besides keeping hot air out, it also keeps insects out.

Are There Downsides To Spray Foam Insulation? 

Aside from the higher initial price -which is easily mitigated through long-term energy savings- the only major problems from foam insulation come from poor installation.  Spray foam requires experts to apply it, and a non-expert application can leave gaps in the insulation of your Las Vegas home.

As long as you hire a contractor with a long history of success stories, you can rest assured that you Las Vegas house foam insulation will provide superior insulation and superior cost-savings for years to come. Contact First Quality Roofing & Insulation today at 702.262.7847 to schedule your spray foam insulation appointment.

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