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Birds and Your Roof; from a Roofing Contractor in Las Vegas

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Oct 19, 2016 11:07:00 AM


Birds are to roofs what rabbits are to flowers and shrubs: pleasant to admire as they flutter or jump around but destructive when they want to be.

So even if you’re a proud, card-carrying member of an Audubon society who likes to take nature walks with a pair of binoculars around your neck, it behooves you to understand how birds can damage your roof – and also how you can deter them from wreaking havoc there. Birds really are called pests for a reason, especially when you consider these points from a roofing contractor in Las Vegas:

  • Bird nests can clog gutters, causing water to accumulate and infiltrate a home from the roof, walls and windows. Water damage is one of the most expensive home repairs you can ever face; even a “small” repair can cost several thousand dollars.
  • Bird nests built under clay roofing tiles can also cause roof leaks when the birds displace the tiles, which is most likely to occur before cooler temperatures arrive.
  • Bird nests pose a fire hazard. Straw, grass and twigs are highly flammable, and since birds are territorial, they tend to build several nests in a favored spot.
  • Bird nests can block vent ventilation systems, creating potentially lethal air blockages.
  • Bird droppings can break down even the most durable roofing materials, making a roof more prone to leaks. Bird droppings eat away at and discolor most roofing materials.

Scare birds away

Considering these potential hazards, you can see why it’s wise that birds do no more than make a safe landing on your roof before quickly taking off again. But something has to motivate them to change course, and it usually requires something uncomfortable or frightening (to them). Some of the more popular bird deterrence methods include:

  • Bird spikes, a simple, effective and affordable method, especially if you live in an area which seems to attract more than its fair share of birds. Consisting of a narrow strip of many sharp spikes, they can be easily installed to the surface of a roof. And lest the spikes sound inhumane, they simply make a roof uninviting, uncomfortable and virtually impossible for birds to land on. And (pardon the pun) that’s the point.
  • Bird scare tape, which is tied or taped to a roof. The wind and sun move and reflect off the tape, thereby creating a visual and audible disturbance birds avoid.
  • Liquid repellents and sticky paste, which are non-toxic substances that are spread on a roof to so irritate the feet of birds that they leave.

Since “bird deterrent technology” is an emerging science, you may have heard of other deterrence methods, too. Even with the various bird deterrents, it is still important to have your roof maintenance performed by a roofing contractor in Las Vegas to ensure all harmful debris is removed and frequent problem areas are properly inspected. Contact First Quality Roofing & Insulation at 702-262-7847 to schedule your appointment today!

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