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Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Mar 4, 2016 8:30:00 AM


Maybe the insulation in your attic appears unusually flat. Or maybe you've discovered water stains on the walls or vents that are loose and threatening to disengage entirely. And if your attic smells damp or musty?

Chances are, you have a leaky roof on your hands because your attic is one of the first places where roof-related problems “show up.” Now it's time to step into action because your two most pressing concerns are:

  • Identifying the precise nature of the leak
  • Repairing the leak promptly

Unfortunately, the fact is that a leaky roof damages more than just your roof. It can wreak havoc in other ways, too. Rather than feel daunted by the challenges that await you, keep two optimistic points in mind:

Your roof: the peak of your “envelope”

Your roof is arguably the most important part of your home's “envelope,” or the outer portion that also includes the walls, doors and windows. When “the seal” breaks on the roof, other consequences may ensue. The three most serious are:

  • Damage to your home's exterior trim, rafters, ceiling joists, ceilings and walls. There is no doubt: a leaky roof can compromise the infrastructure of your home in myriad ways, and only the most skilled roofing professionals can restore your home's structural integrity.
  • The risk of fire if the leak from your roof reached your home's electrical wiring.
  • Damaging your belongings. The longer there is a leak in your roof, the more layers of your home and attic the water soaks through, and the more chance that water will begin to drip into the room, possibly on one of your valuable items.

After assessing these consequences, you might not even blink over the potential for higher energy bills. But a leaky roof that saturates the insulation can diminish its effectiveness in a hurry, causing you to spend more money to cool your home in the summer and heat your home in the winter.

You can fix a leaky roof in Las Vegas – and mitigate the costly consequences – by contacting First Quality Roofing & Insulation. Our commitment to quality workmanship is reflected in our name – and so is the fact that our valued customers always come first.

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