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Cool Roofs: The Secret Weapon In The Battle Against High Cooling Costs

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In the battle against summertime sun, your roof is at the tip of the spear. 

With average high temperatures reaching triple digits during the summer months, Las Vegas can feel like an oven. And as the sun's rays bake down on your roof, your cooling costs rise.

But what if you could transform your roof into a shield strong enough to reflect sunlight? What if your roof could actually help cool your home, reduce energy consumption and cut your maintenance costs? 

You can, thanks to "cool roofs." 

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Shingle Repairs: Ensuring They Are Ready For Longevity


Your home is your castle, which means your roof is the ultimate crown. It does the job of keeping your family dry while keeping the external elements at bay.

In other parts of the country, natural disasters such as hurricanes and heavy snows make the need for shingle repairs readily apparent. However, just because our Las Vegas climate tends to be pretty neutral and devoid of adverse weather conditions, it doesn't mean your roof doesn't deserve your attention.

Shingle Repairs 101

Shingle roofs last for about twenty years, but the individual shingles often need some love and attention within that two-decade timeframe.

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Budgeting For A Big Home Improvement Project? You're Probably Savvier Than You Think

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 You might remember the last time you shopped for a car – or rather, the last time you set out to shop for a car.

You set a budget and swore there was “no way” you would exceed it. But once you were at the dealership, you saw that if you spent only “a little more” money, you could buy something even nicer than you planned.

So it was decision time – a time to reconcile what you really needed with what you really wanted and if you could afford to satisfy both objectives.

Budgeting for home improvements follows a remarkably similar trajectory. So if you're feeling adrift, anchor yourself with the knowledge that your experience -- meaning your research skills, persistence and common sense -- will serve you well.

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Asking the Right Questions Can Help You Hire the Right Professional Roofers in Las Vegas

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Your home is probably your biggest investment. A top quality roof is one of the best ways to protect that investment, so why would you settle for anything less than the best professional roofers in Las Vegas, when it comes to installation, maintenance, or repair? One of the best ways to ensure you're hiring the right roofer, is by asking the right questions, including those listed below. 

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