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10 Things to Do Before Leaving for a Holiday Vacation

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Dec 20, 2018 3:58:52 PM

Address these items before your holiday vacation

Finally, it’s time for your long-awaited trip! As you finalize your to-do list, make sure you address these ten items before leaving for your holiday vacation.

Tidy Up the House

While dusting and mopping may be unnecessary, doing the dishes and taking out the trash will prevent foul odors and annoying bugs from being there when you return. Also, throw away any foods or liquids that might spoil while you’re gone.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Even though you’ve made a packing list, many people forget to add essential items. Aside from medicines and assistive devices, you should always have copies of important documents on you. Passports, identification cards, travel information and credit cards can get lost or stolen. Make hard or digital copies of these items and keep them close by for emergency situations.

Leave an Itinerary with a Friend or Family Member

Since you’re already making a copy of your itinerary, make another duplicate to give to a trusted friend or family member. This not only ensures that you have a backup copy of this information but it also enables these individuals to know where you are and how to contact you if an emergency arises.

Let Your Neighbors Know

You can also let your neighbors know that you’re leaving town as well. Even if you only tell them how long you’ll be gone for, they can keep an eye on your home and help you out by collecting mail or pulling your trash bins to the curb.

Adjust Your Electronics & Appliances

Unplug electronics like TVs and computers just in case there’s a power surge. You can also cut your energy costs down by adjusting your thermostat to a stable temperature and programming porch or other outdoor lights to turn off and on at designated times. Even shutting off your water can help lower your bill and protect against water breaks.

Pay Your Bills

Make sure all of your bills are currently paid which includes any due dates that may fall during or slightly after your return from your trip.

Alert Your Bank

Call your bank and inform them of where you’ll be traveling so that they can authorize transactions in those areas without concern.

Place Your Mail on Hold

Contact the postal service and have them suspend your mail until you return. It’s wise to do this with other delivery services such as newspapers and recurring orders. 

Refrain From Sharing Too Much on Social Media

Posting about your trip on social media could potentially inform thieves that you’re not near your home. Wait and share those experiences with your followers when you return. 

Leave Your Worries Behind

Vacation is your time to relax! Leave your worries at home and go enjoy time away with family and friends!

For more home maintenance tips and travel advice, head over to our blog. When you need quality roofing repairs and service, call First Quality Roofing for a free consultation today!

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