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3 Reasons Why the R Value of Insulation Matters

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Apr 7, 2015 1:17:00 PM

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Several factors are important when considering attic insulation and R value is among the most crucial. Knowing your attic insulation R value helps you decide whether additional insulation is needed, among several other reasons the R value matters. 

What Does R Value Mean? 

How well insulation works is expressed as its R value, which measures its resistance to heat transfer. Just like a thick quilt keeps you warmer than a crocheted blanket, insulation with a high R value controls the temperature within your home more effectively than insulation with a low R value. 

Different types of insulation have a different R value, and you can save money by investing in a material with a high rating. Spray-foam insulation, for example, has a higher R value than fiberglass blanket insulation, making it a better long-term investment for insulating your attic.

Why Does R Value Matter?

Having a well-insulated attic comes with several benefits. Las Vegas typically experiences hot summers and chilly winters, meaning you will see year-round benefits to improving your attic insulation R value. 

  • Keep Your Home Up to Area Standards - Every region of the United States has its own climate variations and insulation requirements. For residents of the Las Vegas area, boosting the R value of your attic insulation can bring your home up to the standards recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Save Money on Heating and Cooling - By adding insulation to your attic, you make your whole home becomes more energy efficient. Improved insulation allows you to use your heating and cooling system less, significantly reducing your energy bills in every season. 
  • Make Your Home More Comfortable - By raising the R value of your attic insulation, you make it easier to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home. Gone are the days of sweating through the summer and freezing through the winter. 

In addition to attic insulation R value, there are several other factors to consider when it comes to keeping your roof well insulated, including types of insulation and quality of materials.

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