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3 Things to Consider When Your Roof Has Broken or Missing Tiles

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Dec 17, 2015 1:48:00 PM


Whether you’ve just recently noticed that you might need to replace roof tile on your Las Vegas home or you’ve known for quite a while now that the roof on your property is definitely in need of repair, there are three things you’ll want to know regarding replacing roofing tiles.

Time does not heal roofs in disrepair.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait to replace roof tiles that are broken, missing or have other minor repair that needs to be done on even a small portion of your roof, the greater your chances are of facing bigger roof repairs down the road. The additional problems that arise for property owners who wait to replace roof tiles often encompass not only having to make repairs to other portions of their roof, but also having to deal with potential damage inside the property due to leaks.

Replacing roof tiles is easy (for a professional).

Sure, you can haul out that big commercial-grade ladder you bought late one-night on an infomercial and finally put it to use. You can climb up on the roof yourself while your stress-filled spouse stands below, cringing.  You can try to repair the broken tiles or replace them yourself and hope you’ve matched the color scheme exactly, prepared the roof properly, and secured the new tiles ~ all while praying you locked your ladder in place correctly. Or, you can simply call a local roofing professional who installs, repairs, and maintains roofing systems and tiles 7 days a week. Just like delaying your roof repairs can lead to bigger problems, so can trying to fix the roof yourself.  Your safety, your family’s stress level, and the aesthetic-appeal of your home is worth much more than the few dollars you think you’ll be able to save by doing the roof work yourself.

Calling a roofing company is not like calling the dentist.

There’s no need to dread contacting your local roofing professional. The repair will be quick, easy, and affordable (and you’ll feel no pain). The instant relief you’ll feel once the work is done will make you wonder why you wasted so much time worrying about it.

If you’ve noticed some broken or missing tiles, or see that your roof just doesn’t look right, contact First Quality Roofing and have our roofing professionals come out immediately to assess your particular needs and take care of it sooner rather than later.  

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