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6 Secrets Your Neighbors Are Keeping from You

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Jul 3, 2018 3:09:00 PM


Your neighbors might be one of the things you like most about your home... or they might not be. Even if you've shared barbecues and your kids play together in the afternoon, there are a few things your neighbors might not be telling you that you'd hate to learn the hard way. Keep an eye out for these common friendship faux pas.

  1. Your WiFi Isn't Private

You pay good money for your internet service, and if your WiFi isn't configured correctly, you're simply donating it to the neighborhood. Even if yours is password protected, make sure you're not using something obvious like your name or your address. Your neighbors might not notice, but their teenage children surely will.

  1. Taste is Subjective

Your neighbor absolutely adores the dozen garden flamingos adorning the front yard, but they're making you crazy. On the other hand, they may not appreciate your life-sized rendition of Bigfoot no matter how real you think he is. There's a reason why they say good fences make good neighbors!

  1. They're Called Pests for a Reason

If your neighbors have a pest infestation, they're not likely to share that information with you. From bedbugs to termites, you probably won't find out about this problem until it's your problem, too. Never inviting the neighbors over isn't the best solution, but periodic checks and regular pest control services are necessary!

  1. You Have No Secrets

You might think your home is private, but it just might happen that your neighbors can (and do) look right inside your house at night. Remember, when it's dark outside, any lights inside the home act like spotlights on a stage. Invest in some good curtains and keep out prying eyes.

  1. Yard Maintenance is Optional?

We all know that neighbor that never cuts the grass or picks up the trash in the yard. If you move in during cooler months, you might not know who this neighbor is until its too late. Most municipalities have ordinances about these issues, but you can be a good neighbor and offer to lend a hand. It could be that the neighbor is ill or otherwise unable to keep up.

  1. Our Furbaby is Precious

Even if you have a beloved furbaby of your own, we know you're vigilant about cleaning up after her, right? Your neighbors might think their little Precious can do no wrong, and you won't notice until you start seeing brown patches in your lawn or accidentally step on a landmine. If a polite request isn't helping, we return to our stance on fences.

Be a Good Neighbor

Keeping up with your yard and your home will go a long way toward keeping the atmosphere friendly with your neighbors. If it's time to update your home's roof, contact First Quality Roofing for a free consultation.

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