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Add Privacy to Your Yard with These Plants

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on May 21, 2019 11:21:00 AM

Add Privacy to Your Las Vegas Yard with These Plants

If your home is in close proximity to your neighbor's space, switching up your landscaping is an easy way to add privacy to your yard. It's possible to make your yard more private using fencing, but you may prefer to utilize a more natural option. Or, you can enhance your open-style fence with privacy-enhancing landscaping for optimal results. When considering your options, it's important to make sure that your potential additions will thrive in the extreme Las Vegas heat. Here are a few heat-resistant alternatives that can add privacy to your outside spaces.

1. The Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae trees are tall and boast natural pyramid shapes, characteristics that make them an excellent addition for creating a natural screen or hedge. They also come in several sizes, making it easy to find a variety that fits your needs. The largest species can reach heights of 70 feet and has spreads of 25 feet. They thrive in sunny environments and grow best in well-drained soil with small amounts of moisture.

2. Ornamental Grass

Certain types of ornamental grass can reach heights of 10 feet, allowing them to function as a natural fence. Some also have lovely shapes and colorful plumes that help add beauty to your landscaping. A benefit of ornamental grass is that it's low maintenance, requiring little more than a yearly trim. This is another plant that loves a yard full of sun and prefers soil that isn't overly saturated with moisture. 

3. Mexican Honeysuckles

If you need privacy-enhancing landscaping with a short height and wide spread, Mexican honeysuckles are a must-add plant. It has the shape of a small, yet full shrub and is filled with bright orange honeysuckles. You can use it to add additional coverage to open-style fences or plant it with taller trees to add more density to your landscaping.

This picturesque plant blooms most of the year. Plant it in an area that receives full sun or a small amount of shade. To keep Mexican honeysuckles looking their best, it's best to prune them during the winter months to encourage new growth. 

4. Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy is another option that you can incorporate to add more coverage to your fence. This is a vine that adheres to nearly any surface, including fences and walls. The leaves are a lush green hue during the spring and summer months before they turn a lovely purple shade during the fall months. Though Boston Ivy is a heat-tolerant plant that prefers partial to full sun, it does require regular watering, especially during drought.


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