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DIY or Call a Professional?

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Aug 29, 2018 10:54:00 AM

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As a homeowner, you want to do what's best for your home while keeping your expenses in check when it comes to making home repairs. While it can be tempting to make as many repairs on your own as possible, there are some things that you should let the experts handle. The following are some common home repairs that you can do yourself, plus a few cases where it pays to call in a pro:

DIY Projects

  1. Toilets

If you're experiencing continuously running water, strange noises or flushing difficulties, it's likely to be from a simple, replaceable part in the tank. Plus, these parts come with detailed instructions for swapping the old for the new and only basic tools are required. When do you need a pro? Persistent, unexplained clogs and leaks might require a trained eye.

  1. HVAC System

Your HVAC system is another major home investment, but several things can go wrong that you can tackle quickly yourself. Always start by checking your thermostat: are there fresh batteries installed? Is it set to heat and cool correctly?

Next, make sure you have a clean air filter installed. Lastly, try resetting your system at the breaker to see if that resolves your issues. If none of these tactics work, then you should call a professional for help.

  1. Sinks and Drains

Did you know that your kitchen garbage disposal has a reset switch? If it stops working or only hums, locate the little red button on the disposal under the sink and press it to see if that helps. Many clogged drains can be cleared with a simple plunger, without needing chemicals or an expensive repair.

Dripping faucets are often caused by an inexpensive rubber ring that's easily replaced. Just make sure you know what type of faucet you have before heading to the hardware store, as they come in many sizes. For more extensive repairs that require working with your home's pipes, you may want to reach out for professional guidance.

When to Call a Pro

For dangerous or precarious projects, it’s always best to call an expert. Major plumbing jobs, working with gas lines, roofing jobs, electric work, and other similar tasks could lead to extreme damage or injury if they're done wrong.

To get help with your roofing repair or replacement projects, there's no need to think twice. Contact us at 702-262-7847 to schedule an on-site evaluation today. 

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