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Reasons to Have Las Vegas Insulation Specialists Install Radiant Barrier

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Nov 15, 2016 1:03:00 PM

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If you find your home is uncomfortable year round it may be time to look at your home's roof and attic as the culprit.

Heat from the sun is transferred to the earth via UV rays. These UV rays hit the roof of your house and when this happens the roof starts to reradiate the heat, transferring this heat into your attic. This is then absorbed by the insulation in your attic. This built up heat eventually makes its way into your home.

To help keep your home more comfortable you need to reflect the UV rays so that they are not absorbed by the roof, eliminating some of the heat build up and lowering your energy costs.

How Can You Reflect UV Rays Off Your Home's Roof?

Radiant barrier foils can help reflect up to 97% of UV rays. This becomes your first barrier to keeping your home more comfortable. Radiant barrier will keep the insulation in your attic cooler by preventing the heat from entering your home. This keeps your home more comfortable and your energy costs down.

Radiant Barrier Foil is installed on your roof decking. Installation should be done by a professional to ensure that a correct barrier is created. The foil then goes to work to reflect the UV rays and radiant heat.

Radiant barrier spray is another product used to help reflect the UV rays. Instead of your roof deck, the spray is sprayed on to your roof. Although not as effective as the foil it still blocks up to 83% of UV rays, helping to keep your home comfortable.

When it comes to choosing a radiant barrier solution the foil will work more effectively at keeping your home comfortable, however, the process of applying the spray can be a lot less disruptive to your home. Used together the spray and the foil will create a sound UV barrier, reducing your energy costs significantly.

Las Vegas Insulation Specialists

If you are looking to help keep your home comfortable all year round, the team of Las Vegas insulation specialists at First Quality Roofing & Insulation can help. We offer a range of insulation products to help you keep the heat out in the summer while trapping it in your home over the winter months.

Contact the Las Vegas insulation specialists at First Quality Roofing & Insulation by calling 702-262-7847 today to find out more about our radiant barrier and attic insulation products.

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