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What Causes Your Roof to Wear Out?

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on May 27, 2015 11:10:00 AM


Don’t allow ultraviolet radiation, heat, thermal shock and maintenance neglect to destroy your roof. Become educated about these leading causes of roof deterioration and take a proactive approach toward roof repairs. Your wallet and the longevity of your Las Vegas home depend on it.

Ultraviolet Radiation Damage

Unfortunately, freshly installed roofs become instantly vulnerable to the sun. UV rays scattering within the city’s haze increase the frequency of roof repair Las Vegas homeowners face. Lifted haze only allows UV rays to strike your roof directly. As a result, your roof’s protective oils dry out, causing fragility and likely water damage during rainstorms. The worst cases of untreated UV damage involve sections of cracked shingles completely falling off.


Scorching desert heat intensifies ultraviolet radiation. Roof temperatures regularly exceed 150º during the summer, creating shingle blisters that can pop and expose your roof to severe damage. This issue leaves entire residential neighborhoods susceptible to roof repair.

Thermal Shock 

Temperature changes cause your roof to naturally expand and contract in a process called thermal shock. But, reflective metal roof components, such as flashings, drains and vents, rapidly undergo this process and pull your roof apart from the edges and joints. Homeowners should take precautions by scheduling regular roof inspections and watching for early signs of roof splitting and shingle separation. Learn more about the effects of thermal shock and practical preventative measures in our blog Thermal Shock and Your Roof.

Regular Maintenance

Protect your roof and extend its lifespan with regular maintenance. Debris buildup, clogged drains, excessively hot attics, unnecessary foot traffic and unprofessional quick fixes result from negligence. Consequently, these issues cause breakdown, pooling water and popping shingle blisters. Perform regular cleanups, especially after storms, and consider professional checkups at least twice a year. First Quality Roofing & Insulation conducts 17-point methodical inspections, checking shutter overhangs, attic insulation, flashings and other various parts of your roof for anything that might influence the stamina of your roof.

When the time comes to have your roof repaired, hire the right company by knowing what questions to ask.

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