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What the Burglars Don't Want You to Know (or Prepare for)

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Feb 5, 2018 11:41:00 AM


To best protect against thieves, you have to think like a thief. Understanding how they think and what they look for when surveying homes will help you understand what steps to take to keep yours from becoming a target. The following home security tips will help you think like a burglar:

Home Security Tips to Protect Your Home from Theft

  • Lock Up Your Ladders

An unsecured ladder gives robbers easy access to your home’s second story. Many homeowners forget to lock the balconies and large windows on their upper floors, which are appealing entrances for a burglar with access to a ladder. Store your ladder in your basement or behind a locked garage door to prevent this.

  • Maintain Your Lawn

One way burglars pick out new targets is by looking for homes that appear vacant. A home that has uncut grass, a stuffed mailbox, or newspapers on the front doorstep makes for a prime target. Next time you travel out of town, make sure your lawn is freshly mowed and schedule a mail hold with USPS. Asking your neighbor to keep an eye on your house is another great safeguard against theft, so take the time to get to know your neighbors.

  • Avoid Reselling Items Out of Your Home 

Do you tend to resell things online? Maybe you're upgrading your laptop and want to sell your old one or you're looking to get rid of old furniture. Whatever the case, a good rule of thumb is to avoid inviting buyers to your home. While the majority of people are simply interested in what you have to sell, some burglars and thieves use the pretense of being a potential buyer as an opportunity to survey your house. Schedule meetings with buyers in public places, such as coffee shops or shopping center parking lots. Any interested buyer who insists on coming to your home should be avoided.

Improve Your Home Security

Another important aspect of home security is making sure proper home maintenance is done consistently. Schedule regular inspections and repairs when needed. Contact us at 702-262-7847 to book a roofing inspection and consultation. 

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