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3 Tips to Preventing Roof Rats from Entering Your Home

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Apr 25, 2016 11:26:00 AM


Once the trees start blooming, homeowners have more to worry about than planting flowers in the front yard. For many, spring is the time for bugs, pests, and rats. If you’re worried about roof rats infesting your home this season, have no fear. Simply follow these easy steps to eliminate the common ways that roof rats sneak into your home.

Cut Back Your Trees

Unlike the scavenger Norway rat, the roof rat is an opportunist that will only infest a home when the homeowner makes it easy. One of the easiest ways for a roof rat to access a home is during its nocturnal romp through the trees. When trees are overgrown, the roof rat can traverse the canopy and sneak into the attic eaves, finding a new home in the process. This spring, take a walk around your home to identify overgrown limbs and call a tree specialist to cut back those that are getting too close to your home.

Weatherproof Your House

Weatherproofing your home isn’t just a fantastic way to regulate your electricity costs in the harsh desert temperatures but also a preventative measure in discouraging roof rats. Conduct a full inspection of your home for leaks, starting with your roof and going all the way down to the foundation. Use the beautiful spring weather as incentive to caulk your windows and check your vent covers, ensuring that every entrance into your home, no matter how small, is sealed against roof rats. 

Clear Your Clutter

It’s natural for brush to accumulate around the house. Whether you’ve placed a few boards outside the garage or simply forget to close the trash lid, when there are places to hide and places to eat, rats are sure to follow. Keep the area around your home clear of any debris or foodstuffs by cutting back shrubs and properly sealing all waste bins. 

Thankfully, roof rats would rather be in the great outdoors than settling in your home but they will move in if given the opportunity.

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