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Attic Insulation Removal: Why Your Home May Need It

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Jan 8, 2024 8:21:49 AM

Most types of insulation can last decades, though its service life and effectiveness can be compromised if the insulation is damaged in any way. In such cases, it may be necessary to remove and replace the insulation in order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment in your Las Vegas home. Here are some situations that make attic insulation removal necessary.

attic insulation removal


The Insulation Has Been Exposed to Water 

A roof leak, a plumbing leak, or a leaking AC condensate drain can soak the insulation in your attic. Wet insulation cannot do its job effectively, leading to higher heating and cooling costs. Plus, once the insulation becomes wet, mold can start to grow, which not only degrades the insulation further, but some types of mold can be hazardous to your health.

The Insulation is Moldy

Whether it is due to roof damage, plumbing issues, condensation, or high humidity, moldy insulation in your attic can be a major concern for your comfort and health. Mold can reduce the thermal effectiveness of the insulation, and though most molds are harmless, certain types can cause a variety of health issues, from nose and throat irritation to lung infections or central nervous system damage. 

To create a safe, healthy environment for your family, attic insulation removal and replacement is the best option when mold is present.

The Insulation is Contaminated by Dirt & Debris

Insulation works by trapping pockets of air, which slow the transfer of heat from one area to another. If the insulation is dirty and full of debris, that contamination can bridge the air pockets in the insulation, allowing heat to travel more easily through the material.

The Insulation Has Been Compressed

When insulation is compressed or squeezed together, the air pockets that create an effective thermal barrier disappear. This can happen when blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation settles with time, or when fiberglass batts are compressed to fit around objects or into tight spaces.

The Insulation is Old, Obsolete, or Dangerous

Insulation damage and degradation can naturally occur with age, so if your home is more than a few decades old, it is a good idea to check the condition and amount of insulation that your home has. Some types of insulation may be considered obsolete, ineffective, or even dangerous, such as early loose-fill insulation that may contain small amounts of asbestos. In these cases, attic insulation removal and replacement is highly recommended.

Attic Insulation Removal Services in Las Vegas

When you need a skilled team for attic insulation removal and replacement in the Las Vegas area, turn to our home insulation experts at First Quality Roofing & Insulation. We can inspect your attic insulation and determine if replacing it is in your best interests. 

Our company offers unparalleled professionalism, with some of the best customer service in the Las Vegas area and three Angi Super Service Awards. Plus, we make the insulation removal process easy with upfront pricing, free estimates, and up to 100% financing.

Call us today at 702-262-7847 to schedule your FREE insulation removal estimate in Las Vegas, Henderson, Mesquite, or the surrounding areas.


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