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Common Roofing Problems

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Feb 16, 2018 8:52:00 AM


As with many of our essential home systems, roofing systems can be prone to a variety of issues. However, if you catch roofing problems when they first arise, you can and save money in the long-run as early repair is much less expensive than replacing a roof that wasn't properly tended to. The following is a quick look at a few of the more common roofing problems that all homeowners should be mindful of:

Common Roofing Problems to Look Out For

Poorly Attached Flashing

Flashing is the strip of metal, generally aluminum or galvanized steel, that seals over key joints and places in your roof that have been penetrated, such as around the vents for heating and cooling systems as well as additions like skylights and chimneys. Flashing prevents conditioned air from seeping out and moisture seeping into your roofing materials. However, flashing can deteriorate over time or become damaged by inclement weather, UV rays, and critters, thereby allowing moisture to seep in. If you see loose or missing flashing, contact a professional for quick replacement.


Rodents, birds, insects, and other animals are hazardous to your roof and other building components. They leave behind nests and excrement, and often eat through wood, wires and other materials. If you hear noises in your attic or catch sight of certain animals commonly leaving your roof, consider hiring a professional to look for signs and evict the unwanted roommates.

Pooling Water

After a heavy rain, take a moment to check your roof for any signs of pooling or standing water. Pooling water that won't drain off of your roof needs to be inspected immediately. Sometimes the fix is as easy as removing built up leaves or other excess debris from your gutters, while other times, pooling water may be indicative of a more serious issue like water-damaged joists or mold growth.

Shrinkage and Blistering

Under the individual tiles and shingles of your roof is a what's known as a roof membrane. This roof membrane serves as an additional layer of protection, but is also prone to its own types of problems. The most notable of these roofing problems is when the membrane shrinks and causes cracks on its upper layer. Left unresolved, shrinkage can cause the blistering, splitting and surface erosion of shingles

Contact Professionals to Help You Maintain Your Roof

Our skilled team of roofing professionals will inspect and repair your roof to prevent further roofing problems. Contact us today at 702-262-7847 to learn more about our services and to schedule a free onsite consultation at your home. 

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