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Earth Day Every Day: 7 Simple Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Jul 12, 2019 11:01:52 AM

7 ways to reduce your carbon footprint

It's no secret that our planet could use a little TLC. Global warming, which is caused in part by human-created carbon emissions, is causing extreme weather conditions, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and the disruption of the natural habitats of many species of animals. 

If you care about the planet and want to do your part, you'll be glad to know there are plenty of easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out these seven simple ideas! 


  1. Change Out Your Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use an average of 25 to 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last 3 to 25 times longer. Not only can switching out the bulbs you use most often cut your energy use, it can also save you some money! 


  1. Do Your Laundry the Smart Way

Doing laundry the smart way can also reduce your energy use. Whenever possible, wash your clothes using cold water and line-dry them instead of using your clothes dryer. 


  1. Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

Although energy efficient appliances, like washing machines and refrigerators, will cost you more upfront, they're a great investment for the long term. When buying new appliances, look for the EnergyStar certification. This will help ensure that you're choosing the most energy efficient models. 


  1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

In the United States, we create approximately 728,000 pounds of garbage every day. This is enough to fill 63,000 garbage trucks – every, single, day! You can help minimize your impact by paying attention to what you throw away.


Whenever possible, try to reduce the amount of packaging you use, reuse or repurpose items, and recycle paper, metal, and plastic. A few easy ways to do this include using cloth grocery bags, canceling unnecessary mail, and opting for reusable water bottles.


  1. Be Careful How You Use Your Car

When you can, try leaving your car at home. Walking and biking will reduce your carbon footprint and is also better for your health. When you do have to drive, avoid speeding and accelerating unnecessarily, as this wastes both gas and money. Regularly servicing your vehicle and ensuring your tires are inflated properly will also help increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. 


  1. Eat Less Meat

Studies have found that giving up red meat can reduce your carbon footprint even more than giving up your car! While this might not be a great option for everyone, even a small reduction in your beef consumption can make a big difference. Try choosing one day (like Meatless Monday) to explore the exciting world of vegetarian meals. 


  1. Check Your Attic

Did you know up to 50 percent of your heating and cooling energy escapes from your home? Adding insulation to your attic can help improve your home's energy efficiency, cutting down on your utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. 


In most cases, it makes sense to hire a professional to handle your re-insulation needs. First Quality Roof specializes in this service and we're happy to give you an estimate! Contact us today to get started.

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