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Help Regulate Your Home Insulation by Choosing the Right Windows

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Nov 15, 2017 11:32:54 AM


When shopping for windows, it's important to consider your home’s location, as well as where the windows are located within your house. These factors will help you determine which type of window is right for your home. Your windows significantly affect your home insulation, so it is crucial to make sure you are choosing the right ones.

Selecting the Proper Windows for Your Home Insulation

Picking the Right Pane

Windows typically have up to three layers of glass. In areas where the weather is always warm, the single-pane option should be sufficient. At locations where the weather and temperature fluctuate, you're probably going to want to choose the double-pane option. Three-pane is ideal for places where the temperature drops below freezing, as it is the best option to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. The right pane is a key component to ensuring proper home insulation.

Selecting the Perfect Frame

When it comes to frames, the options are vast. Frames are typically made from vinyl, wood, aluminum, composite, and fiberglass. Which option is right for you depends on your budget, the climate and your personal preferences.

Vinyl frames tend to be the least expensive and can accommodate a variety of climates, but your color options will likely be limited. Wood frames are always popular because they look good, but they cost a bit more and don't always hold up. Composite frames offer both value and visual appeal. They are also cost and energy-efficient and tend to last a long time. Of all the options, however, fiberglass frames typically deliver the best value. Even though they are the most expensive, they look great, don't warp (even in the most extreme climates) and are excellent for managing home insulation.

Seeking Sunlight (or Shelter)

The sun rises in the east, sets in the west – and can bake your home all day long, especially in the hot Las Vegas summers. The location of your windows within your home can play a big role in controlling energy costs and keeping you comfortable.

Windows on the south and north sides of your home don't typically see a lot of sunshine, so you likely won't need to worry about tinting them (although shades are always a nice option). On the other hand, windows on the east and west sides of your home are susceptible to solar heat, so tinting them can help provide comfortable home insulation, while controlling cooling costs.

Cover all Bases

When all aspects are taken into consideration, you could save up to 30% on your energy bill, just by choosing the correct windows! Contact First Quality Roofing & Insulation at 702-262-7847 for a home insulation consultation, to see how you can take advantage of our energy-saving options.

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