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How Roof Stains Can Impact the Integrity of Your Roof

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Feb 14, 2023 5:59:41 PM

Any roof stains or discoloration on your Las Vegas home should be cause for concern. While some stains may be harmless, others can be the result of organisms like moss and lichen growing on your roof, which can weaken or destroy the shingles. This can lead to leaks and costly repairs. If you notice any stains or abnormal coloration on your roof, it is best to call a professional roofing company for a complete roof inspection.


What a Professional Roofer Will Look For

The primary concerns for a roofer will be algae, lichens, and moss. Each of these can cause damage to the shingles and possibly the underlying roof structure. A licensed, experienced roofing professional can spot these organisms quickly and recommend the best cleaning methods and roof repairs for your budget. Here is how each organizer differs:

Algae – Appears as Black, Gray, or Green Streaks

Algae thrive on a moist roof, and it prefers shady areas. It will grow on and under the shingles, feeding on dust and pollen. As it colonizes your roof, it will compromise the ability of the shingles to reflect heat, resulting in shingle damage and a hotter attic during the summer.

Lichens – Appear as Small, Crusty Mounds or Mold-Like Spots

A lichen is typically a combination of algae or bacteria that live in tandem with fungi. Lichen can penetrate deep into the shingles, sending out tentacles that feed on the oil and asphalt that bind the shingles together, causing them to fail.

Moss – Appears as a Puffy Grass

Moss can quickly cover large areas of your roof, and when it does, it will trap moisture against the surface of the shingles and between the layers. With time, this moisture can destroy the shingles and creep further into your home, rotting the wood rafters and roof decking.

Other Causes of Stains or Discoloration

Most other roof stains are harmless and are caused by rain, a nearby chimney, or other environmental factors. Here are the most common:

  • Soot – Can be brown, red, or black, and it is caused by combustion fumes exiting the chimney. Typically, soot causes no damage, though it can be slightly acidic.
  • Plant deposits – Things like tree sap, juice from berries, seeds, or pollen from nearby trees can cause stains and discoloration, and while most are harmless, some of the heavier debris can trap moisture against the roof, causing shingle damage.
  • Water stains – White stains in valleys or on shale tile are harmless and can result from salt and minerals that are deposited on the roof as rainwater evaporates.
  • Granule loss – Small patches of discoloration on the roof could be areas where the shingle granules have become loose and have washed away, exposing the shingle base to the environment. The granules protect your shingles against UV radiation; without them, your shingles will deteriorate and fail faster than normal.

Roof Inspection & Repairs in Las Vegas

If you have spotted roof stains or discoloration on your home, call our team at First Quality Roofing for our comprehensive 14-point roof inspection. We can recommend the best ways to solve the problem, from cleaning and fungicide applications to trimming nearby trees, and if damage has occurred, we can provide expert roof repairs or replacement. We feature unsurpassed professionalism, exceptional service, great financing options for roof repairs or replacement, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call First Quality Roofing today at 702-262-7847 or schedule an appointment online for a professional roof inspection in Las Vegas or the surrounding communities.



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