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Managing the Drips: Dealing with a Leaky Roof

Posted by First Quality Roofing & Insulation on Sep 4, 2023 6:38:45 AM

No homeowner looks forward to dealing with a leaky roof. Unfortunately, leaks sometimes happen, and the sooner they’re dealt with, the less damage they can do. Fortunately, there are ways to detect leaks so you can act before they do harm.

leaky roof

First Quality Roofing provides Las Vegas residents with outstanding roofing services, including roof maintenance, roof repairs, replacements, and inspections that can extend your roof’s life and help you avoid leaks.

Detecting Drips: Signs and Symptoms of a Leaky Roof

Does your home have any of these symptoms? They could indicate your roof’s allowing water to leak into your home.

  • Water stains on walls and ceilings or in the attic or crawl space are among the easiest signs to spot. Many homeowners ignore them, thinking they come from humidity or steam, but that’s usually untrue. Brown stains are, more often than not, a result of water seeping through your home’s roof.
  • Exterior mold could be a sign water’s been coming in through your roof for some time. Left unchecked, mold and mildew can cause serious health issues.
  • Cracked, rusted, or missing flashing can’t do its job correctly, eventually leading to water infiltration and damage.
  • Pinholes of light shining through shingles indicate water’s found its way into one or more areas of your roof.
  • Damaged, missing, or curling shingles are often a recipe for disaster, leaving your roof vulnerable to water leakage and related issues.

Ignoring any of these symptoms can lead to much more extensive damage in and outside your home. If you notice one or more of these signs, call in a roof repair specialist as soon as possible to assess the situation. Early detection and roof repair can save you significant time, money, and stress.

Causes and Factors Behind Leaky Roofs

Most roof leaks are caused by one of these five factors:

  1. Human foot traffic. It’s usually okay to walk on your home’s roof, but heavy or frequent traffic can damage the membrane, particularly around HVAC equipment. Another danger is dropped tools.
  2. Neglect. Skipping routine maintenance and inspections can have disastrous consequences for your roof, leading to leaks at weak points. For example, caulking often dries out, cracks, and lets water seep in.
  3. Rooftop equipment. HVAC units, exhaust fans, and skylights are often the site of leaks. Washers and gaskets become brittle, and screws can be loose or missing, creating potential entry points for water.
  4. Weather and climate. Constant exposure to the elements can have a cumulative impact over the years. Las Vegas’ intense sunlight can degrade roofing material more quickly than in more moderate climates.
  5. Age. Roof shingles are made with oils that allow them to contract with fluctuating climate conditions, but the oils eventually dry out, meaning your shingles can crack, break, lose their granules, or curl. When they can no longer shed water, it can lead to leaks. This is an indication it might be time for a roof replacement.

Keeping an eye on these hazards can ensure you have a problem-free roof for much longer.

Get Ahead of a Leaky Roof

There are several steps you can take to address a leaky roof emergency. While you wait for a licensed professional roofing contractor to arrive, try:

  • Identifying the leak’s source.
  • Clearing the area of electronics, furniture, and other valuables.
  • Use plastic sheeting or a tarp to create a temporary barrier.
  • Document the damage, which can be helpful for the roofer and insurance purposes.

These stopgap measures can go a long way to minimize further damage until the roof is repaired or replaced.

To learn more about roof maintenance or to schedule roofing services, contact First Quality Roofing & Insulation online or call 702-262-7847. Our commitment to personalized customer service and high-quality products is why we’re considered one of Las Vegas’ most respected roofing companies!

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