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Does Your Cathedral Ceiling Need More Ceiling Insulation?


Cathedral ceilings make any room look bigger – and they create space for other desirable features such as towering picture windows, oversized chandeliers and ceiling fans. Yet, you may notice the room in your home with the cathedral ceiling feels chilly in the winter and warm in the summer. The solution could be the need for proper ceiling insulation

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3 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly


Taking steps to make your home more environmentally friendly is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. You may have to pay some money up front, but these types of home improvements have the potential to save you money month after month on your power bill. And in some cases, you may even be able to receive rebates or tax credits to help you pay for your improvements.

The following are three ways to make your home environmentally friendly that you’ll want to consider:

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Weatherize Your Home Before Summer to Save Energy and Save Money

weatherize-your-home-to-save-energy-and-moneyThere's a lot to be said for having the wind at your back – unless, of course, you're standing in your home and realize that the wind is coming from a drafty window.

Consider it a wake-up call to weatherize your home – a two-step process that requires applying caulk and weather-stripping to problem spots before First Quality Roofing & Insulation makes your home airtight with insulation. Spring is the ideal time for such a project, before summer arrives and the hot, outdoor air descends on Las Vegas and wreaks havoc with your utility bills.

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The Air-Tight Seal of Spray Foam Insulation in Las Vegas Can Lower Your Utility Bills


This is the time of year Las Vegas residents should be enjoying a break from the heat and high utility bills. If your bills have gone up, the cause could be one of many things. In all likelihood, your home is plagued by gaps, cracks and holes in potentially dozens of nooks and crannies, starting with your attic. The remedy to this loss of air may be simpler than you think, and it may come in the form of spray foam insulation in Las Vegas.

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5 Signs Your Home Needs Better Insulation

5 signs your home needs better insulation.jpgDoes your home have enough insulation to protect it from the Las Vegas heat? Winter is a great time to check, especially if you have an older home or you’re not sure your insulation is the right R-Level. When insulation is up to code and properly installed, it can make a big difference for your power bill and indoor comfort. But if it’s insufficient or shifts around over time, your home could be vulnerable to everything from drafts and heat gain to pests, leaks, and mold.

Proper insulation helps maintain a protective seal and regulate indoor temperatures. If you notice any of these five red flags in your home, you may need more – or better – insulation to correct the problem:

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First Quality Debunks “Urban Legend” about Winter Thermostat Settings


Some household myths have been around so long and have spread so wildly that they're no longer myths; they've become urban legends. One such legend is that homeowners should not dial down their heat before leaving the house during the fall and winter. The thought is that the furnace will have to work harder to warm your house once you return. The warning is clear: a furnace that works harder will cost you more money to operate, so leave that dial where it is before you walk out the door.

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How Does Insulation Work in Your Home

Insulated home.jpg

Insulation is a pretty amazing thing. It keeps your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. So how does insulation work? Here's a look at the science behind insulation and why it is so important for your home.

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Insulation R Value: Let's Take it From the Top

Insulation R Value From the Top

By keeping expensive treated air inside where it belongs, insulation is the best way to keep your Las Vegas home comfortable and efficient all year long. Choosing the right insulation can be tricky, and the job comes with its own lingo that can leave many homeowners scratching their heads. Here's what you need to know about insulation R Value so you can make the right choice for your home.

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Feel the heat? Home Insulation in Las Vegas Can Cool Your Home & Utility Bills.

You might blame the people who attic_insulation_options.jpgdilly-dally as they walk through the door, bringing gusts of hot air along with them.

You can doubt the veracity of your air conditioner, which, if it's at least 10 years old, may not be cooling your home as efficiently as it once did. You can even curse the sun – the origin of your discomfort.

But if you're truly bewildered by why your home feels warmer than usual this year, don't overlook the possibility your home may need an infusion of wall insulation.

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