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Our Fall Home Maintenance List is Like You: Proactive but Efficient

Keep your fall home maintenance list proactive but efficient with these items.

You don't shirk from a home maintenance challenge. But you don't exactly want to spend weekend after precious weekend with a flashlight in your hand and a ladder propped up against the side of your house, either.

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Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 4

Avoid These Home Improvement Mistakes

Even if you're not cut out for high-level DIY projects, many homeowners can manage minor repairs in a pinch. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for if you're new to home improvement:

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Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 1

These 9 Home Improvement Mistakes Should Be Avoided at All Costs

Whether you're doing a repair or a renovation, no one wants to be the next Pinterest fail or an example of what not to do. To help ensure your project gets off on the right foot, here are 9 big-picture home improvement mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Post Daylight Savings To-Do's for Complete Home Maintenance

Accomplish Complete Home Maintenance with This Post Daylight Savings Checklist

Daylight Savings Time is the ideal reminder to take care of some of those important home maintenance tasks that are easy to delay or forget. Check out the following post-Daylight Savings Time to-do list to help keep your home in good condition:

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Gutter Guards: Worth the Cost?


Cleaning gutters is usually not at the top of the list of favorite projects. However, it is an important one, because clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof, windows and walls. From climbing ladders to scooping out sludgy leaves, an alternative to this annual chore would be welcome by most homeowners. Are gutter guards the answer?

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The Surprising Differences Between Bed Bugs and Dust Mites

keep pests at bay with proper home maintenance

Two of the most common pests found in homes across the country are bed bugs and dust mites, but while both can make you miserable, the similarities between them end there. Proper home maintenance plays a key role in keeping them at bay.

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Why It's Important to Schedule an Annual Roof Inspection

important-schedule-annual-roof-inspectionYou probably don’t think much about your roof unless something goes wrong with it. But it’s an important part of your home that protects you and your family, the interior of your home, and your belongings. Some damage can be obvious from the ground, but other types can only be identified by a professional who is trained to perform a thorough roof inspection.

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Ignoring These 6 Home Maintenance Tasks Could Trigger A Crisis In Your Home


At First Quality Roofing & Insulation, we've never heard anybody describe an unfolding home crisis as “minor.” Maybe with the passage of time and the ability to compare one home maintenance crisis to another, this day will come. But when you're in the midst of one, the emotional and financial fear consigns them all to one category: crisis. Make a point of taking care of six home maintenance tasks as soon as possible. Ignoring them can trigger a crisis that most homeowners say, in retrospect, could have been averted.

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Hurry-up Curb Appeal Projects When Time's-A-Wastin'




When someone you hope to impress is on their way over, you need some hurry-up home maintenance projects to improve your home's curb appeal. Keep in mind: having the right tools on hand will help, so you might have to parse this short list. But this move will just give you something to look forward to next week, when you can further revel in how just a little money and elbow grease can make your front entryway worth a double-take. Consider:

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Think Like a Mouse, Move Like a Spider to Stop Fall Pests in Their Tracks


It's fall, and pests are on the move – trying to find a way into your home, where it's safe and warm.

They're not dumb, but they're counting on you to be lackadaisical about home maintenance in Las Vegas so they can cause you all kinds of grief, including:

  • Getting into your food
  • Spreading their germs and disease (mice can trigger salmonella while cockroaches can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms)
  • Chewing on your clothing, drapes, bedding and wires (though they prefer cotton)
  • Gnawing at and eating through wood (to keep their teeth sharp)
  • Blocking pipes and water lines (because they're thirsty)

You have have to think like a mouse and move like a spider to stop fall pests in their tracks. Begin by being extra vigilant about housekeeping before moving on to some proactive strategies – straight from the pros at First Quality Roofing & Insulation.

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