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Prevent Silverfish from Nesting in Your Home with These Home Maintenance Tips

Use These Home Maintenance Tips to Eliminate Silverfish

Have you ever woken up to get a drink of water only to find a tiny, silver bug crawling around your sink’s drain? These are called silverfish and they are a common sight in many Las Vegas homes. Keep silverfish at bay with a few easy home maintenance tips:

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Home Maintenance: 10 Things You Should Never Put in Your Garbage Disposal


Your garbage disposal requires little upkeep, however, there are some things that should never be put into it. The following home maintenance tips for garbage disposals detail some items you should never put down your sink, and what to do with them instead:

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Fast Exterior Home Improvement Projects for Football Season

Complete These Home Improvement Projects So You Can Enjoy Football Season

If you’ve been looking forward to fall and spending your Sunday afternoons watching NFL games, you might be tempted to put off any home improvement projects that you need to get done. But the cooler fall temperatures make this a good time to get some work done in your yard and on your home’s exterior. Plus, a bit of prevention and upkeep goes a long way towards preventing the need for major repairs down the road. And once you’re done, you can kick back and enjoy the big game, worry free. The following are a few fast home improvement projects that you can easily complete in a day or less:

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Eliminate Pet Odors to Increase Buying Potential

Eliminate Pet Odors with These Tips

Unpleasant pet odors can decrease the buying potential of your home. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your house, it is important to ensure that the building is free of pet smells. Here are practical tips for dealing with pet odors and increasing the value of your home:

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Stop Killing Your Plants: 5 Tips to Preserve Your Houseplants

Preserve Your Indoor Plants with These Tips

Houseplants are valuable decorative items that will boost the aesthetics of the home. Plants are also natural air purifiers and will release oxygen into rooms while absorbing carbon dioxide. Here are some practical tips to help you grow and preserve your houseplants:

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Our Fall Home Maintenance List is Like You: Proactive but Efficient

Keep your fall home maintenance list proactive but efficient with these items.

You don't shirk from a home maintenance challenge. But you don't exactly want to spend weekend after precious weekend with a flashlight in your hand and a ladder propped up against the side of your house, either.

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Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 4

Avoid These Home Improvement Mistakes

Even if you're not cut out for high-level DIY projects, many homeowners can manage minor repairs in a pinch. Here are a few mistakes to watch out for if you're new to home improvement:

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Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 3

Avoid These 9 Interior Home Improvement Mistakes

Many homeowners take on home improvement projects without fully knowing what they’re doing. Not only can this result in a poorly executed project that they end up needing to pay a professional to fix, it can often cause other issues as well. Watch out for these mistakes when freshening up your interior:

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Home Improvement Mistakes to Avoid Pt. 2

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Home Improvements

When it comes to home improvement projects that will increase curb appeal, it's important that they are done right. Continuing in our series, here are 9 more home improvement mistakes to avoid:

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DIY or Call a Professional?

Hire the Experts at First Quality Roofing & Insulation for Your Roofing Projects

As a homeowner, you want to do what's best for your home while keeping your expenses in check when it comes to making home repairs. While it can be tempting to make as many repairs on your own as possible, there are some things that you should let the experts handle. The following are some common home repairs that you can do yourself, plus a few cases where it pays to call in a pro:

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