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Common Items Homeowners Should Never Store in Their Garages

Items never to store in garage

It's your garage, and it's one of the few places left where you can store, stack and otherwise stash overflow items from your home as well as the outdoors.

But not so fast. Before those common items take up permanent residency in your garage, be sure they don't pose a danger or at least a problem you should avoid. Some items might surprise you, which is good because this means you can take proactive steps to store them someplace else.

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Simple Tips for Keeping Your Christmas Decorations Organized

Proactively Organize Your Christmas Decorations with These Tips

Unpacking, re-packing and storing Christmas decorations tends to be a big project for many people. Precarious storage spaces, damaged ornaments, lights that don’t work and other hassles can be avoided with a few proactive measures. Here are some tips to help keep your decorations organized and easily accessible:

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The Benefits of Waste-Free Living

The Benefits of Waste-Free Living

Did you know that the average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash every day? The people promoting zero-waste living have a formidable goal: creating less than a jar of waste per year!

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5 Tips for Converting Your Attic into Extra Living Space


With a little inspiration you can turn your home’s unfinished attic into a beautiful master suite, home office, or bedroom/playroom for the kids.

Whether you have a growing family, have just downsized but need some extra room for visits from the grandkids, or want a dedicated home office, one way to do it is by converting your home’s attic to livable space.

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Organize Your Home in Under an Hour a Day With These Home Maintenance Tips


Today's households are busier than ever before, between work, school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. The time that remains is better spent with friends and family, with little left for cleaning and organization. This can quickly lead to a home which is overrun with piles, to-do lists, and clutter—but the good news is that with just an hour or less each day, you can restore order from this chaos and get your home back on track. Here are some of our favorite tried and true home maintenance tips to help get you started.

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How to Find Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Home

Additional storage space is at the top of bigstock-Entering-The-Living-Space-Of-A-143649017.jpgjust about any homeowner’s wish list. No matter how big your closets may look, there just never seems to be enough room for everything. Finding more storage space is essential if you want to reduce clutter and stay organized. And if your home is on the smaller side, you really have to get creative. If you’re looking to maximize the amount of storage space in your home, here are four creative and hidden storage solutions.

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Size Up These 7 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Ideas

You can relax; that smoke streaming from bigstock-Well-organized-Kitchen-Interio-94801145.jpgyour kitchen is coming from your heels, not your oven.

When you're on the move at this pace – packing lunches, making dinner and otherwise performing functions of a short-order cook – you know it's the little organizational details that can put more octane in your step. Consider these seven ingenious kitchen storage ideas, all of which require nominal assembly:

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