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Ask A Roofing Company: What Are Drip Edge Gutters and Why Do You Need Them?


The drip edge is a small piece that plays a big role in protecting your roof and home from water damage. Despite how important it is, many times, a roofing company will leave the drip edge off when installing a new roof. While this may save you money during the initial install, it is definitely not worth it in the long run. In this article, First Quality Roofing & Insulation will discuss drip edges are and why you definitely need them when getting a new roof.

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The Benefits of Using Roofing Felt During Your Roof Replacement


Roofing felt is a material that’s commonly used during a roof replacement, but unless you’re a roofer, you may not realize the benefits that this material provides. The following covers some common questions about roofing felt, including what it is and its benefits:

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Beating the Heat: Are Clay or Porcelain Roof Tiles Best Choice?


For many homeowners, the roof is an afterthought. Well, at least until it starts to leak! But your roof doesn’t just keep you dry during those 20 or so days a year that Las Vegas sees rain. There are also about 3820 hours, or 160 days, of sunshine during the same time. That’s a lot of heat!

At First Quality Roofing & Insulation, we are often asked: “Which roof tiles are best for absorbing heat and keeping a house cooler, porcelain or clay?” While porcelain has its advantages, including great water resistance and a good level of heat absorption, clay tiles are the best absorber of heat, and have been for centuries. If you’re looking to replace your home’s existing roof, read on for why clay may be your best choice.




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Up on the Roof: Why Roofing Shingles Feel Like Sandpaper

Asphalt roof shingles (foreground focus)

Have you ever wondered why a cat’s tongue is so rough? It’s to help the furry feline survive. The tongue’s tiny bumps have 2 main purposes: they make it easier to hold onto prey and are efficient little tools for grooming.

Just like a cat’s tongue, roofing shingles feel like sandpaper for reasons that help your house survive: providing fire resistance, repelling water, and protecting the surface from harmful UV rays. They also help control the interior temperature, which is extra nice during Las Vegas’ heat waves!

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Easy Ways to Up Your Roof’s Eco-Friendly Status


Looking for ways to make your roof more environmentally friendly? Great news! It’s never been easier to do your part for the world around you. From sustainable roofing materials to simple hacks that reduce your roof’s ecological impact, you have more options than ever before. Here’s how to do your part in making the world a greener and healthier place.

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Why Homeowners Are Turning to Tile Roofs


People often describe tile roofs as “beautiful,” “eye-catching” and “stunning.” Many have found there is more to these roofs than meets the eye. If you're in need of a roof replacement this spring or summer, consider the following reasons this roofing option is becoming increasingly popular.

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Size Up the Benefits of Metal - Yes, Metal - Roofs for Your Roof Replacement


People in the market for a roof replacement spot the reddish-orange material on homes throughout Las Vegas, often topping a bay window.

“What is that awesome-looking roofing material?” they want to know when they call First Quality Roofing & Insulation. We sometimes wish we could reach through the phone line and offer an aspirin, such is the usually startled reaction to our answer: That's a metal roof, and it's becoming more popular in Las Vegas as people size up the benefits.

You can, too, as soon as you realize that metal – once the near-exclusive domain of barns and sheds – has made the leap to homes. It makes a fine topper on the Tuscan, Pueblo, Mediterranean, Spanish and Tudor styles that dominate the city's landscape. Metal roofs also outlast other roofing materials, and they are energy efficient and durable, repel outdoor fire and go easy on the environment.

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